How to keep strong and healthy while running a busy business

You have to look after yourself; your body, your mind and your emotional well being. No one else will do it for you and it’s so very easy to let things slip. Maybe it’s down to the fact I am now 40, but I am increasingly aware of the need to keep my body fit and healthy. I am going to be writing a few posts covering all aspects of this area in the coming months. Today I’m concentrating on a couple of things I do regularly to keep my body fit for the 40+ weddings I photograph a year.

Photography, particularly wedding photography, is physically knackering! You are carrying heavy bags around, you stand for many hours of the day. There is kneeling, squatting, climbing, bending and not a lot of time to rest. That’s not even taking into account the hours you then have to clock up in front of the computer, hunched over your laptop or keyboard. For many years I was quite a gym bunny so happily I have a good base of muscle strength, however even that isn’t up to that much any more when I’m so busy and not managing to exercise as much as I would like.

At the moment there are two things I do that keep things ticking along and making sure my body doesn’t collapse in a heap on the floor. Firstly, I do Pilates. It’s the most amazing thing for building a strong core, which means your stomach and back work properly and support the rest of your body. The knock on effect I have noticed in my business is that I no longer get lower back pain. That in itself is a wonder and worth the time and money.

The second thing I do is have a massage every month. My amazing masseuse is all kinds of wonderful. I have just come home from a session with her and my shoulders are tension free, my neck is longer, my posture is better and I feel less like Quasimodo and more like a gliding swan! Becky, my massage therapist, is going to write a blog post for me soon that I can share with you. Loads of great tips for keeping yourself healthy, ideas for stretches and exercises to help your body work better.

I can say for sure that without my monthly massage and the Pilates I would have hideous back ache, possibly pulled muscles. My body alignment would be shocking and I would no doubt have a neck like a rugby player.

I would absolutely recommend that you start looking after yourself now. Build time into your diary to start exercising, it doesn’t have to be loads and it doesn’t have to be boring. Walking, cycling, running if you want to be outside. If you like the idea of doing something with other people check out your local council run gym for very reasonably priced access to a workout space and exercise classes. Do something at home, get a DVD or find an online workout you can do. I love HIIT workouts (High Intensity Training), as the premise behind this is to work at 100% for very short bursts, which means quick and very effective workouts. I can be in and out of the gym in 35-40 minutes having done a full body cardio and toning workout when using the HIIT method. Ill do a post sharing more about this idea soon. Work on building a strong body that will let you live the kind of life you want to live.

Don’t wait until the New Year to kick start things. Make today the day you look after yourself a bit better.

Thanks for popping by

Fiona x