One shot…

One of the things that can be really helpful when developing your photography skills is to learn how others approach creating an image. There is no guaranteed way of recreating an image exactly, even when you do know the settings, as the light constantly changes. However, it might give you a starting point or help you to try something you might not think to try.

I thought it would be a fun (and useful) thing to start sharing a single shot with the settings I have used to achieve this, along with the lens and any other kit. I will also add any exposure changes made in post production.

I’m starting this off with a bride and groom portrait taken during golden hour. It’s one of my favourite times of the day to take photos. I love a bit of early evening light and using backlighting in photos, something I know a lot of photographers find quite tricky. This particular shot was taking in the ground of Pembroke Lodge in Richmond park. It’s a perfect Autumnal sunset, about 20 minutes before the sun disappears over the horizon. Warm, rich and properly golden.

one shot-how to take photos during golden hour_0002


Nikon D750 / Nikon 24-70mm

ISO 500 / f2.8 / 1:320

Exposure increased +0.30 in Lightroom.

I tend to shoot certain parts of a wedding day a little under in exposure, which I find useful to ensure you keep a good amount of detail in white dresses. I then increase the exposure in Lightroom to get the look I want in the final shot. This is my personal preference.

If there are any particular shots you would like to know how to achieve let me know.


Fiona x